“NH Gives” Campaign

Dear FHS Member and Friend,

The NH Center for Non-profits is sponsoring a 24 hour “NH Gives” campaign from June 11th to June 12th.

Your Historical Society is participating in the campaign in order to complete the “Freedom Houses” project, a project first initiated by the Freedom’s Heritage Commission.  This project will document the history of the houses, buildings, and people who haves lived in them over the years.  The final project will be a book, or books that you can hold in your hands and discover the history of Freedom.  This is an educational tool that will be available to you and your family and to future generations to come.

We do ask that you help us reach our goal of raising $1,000 in 24 hours (on June 11-12) so that we can complete this mission.  Your donation is critical to complete the “Freedom Houses” project.  Your generosity can make this project happen!!

On June 11-12 please go to www.nhgives.org/organizations/freedom-historical-society (or click here) to make a donation.

Thank you for your support!