2020 Program Schedule

All programs are on Wednesday evenings, 7 PM online via Zoom, except as otherwise noted.  

Please note that programs and scheduling may change due to Covid-19.


June 17 – Granite State Gallery: NH Art & Artists Through the Years
Presented by Jayne Oneail
New Hampshire has attracted and inspired artists since the colonial era.  This program will consider works by itinerant and folk painters, landscape artists drawn to the state’s scenic vistas, and modern artists that adopted bold styles to depict everyday life in the Granite State.

July 15 – Taken by Storm (Hurricane of 1938)
Presented by Lourdes Avilés
One of the most powerful storms of the 20th century came unannounced into the lives of New Englanders on September 21, 1938.  This compelling history weaves science, historical accounts, and social analysis to create a comprehensive picture of the most powerful and devastating hurricane to hit New England,

August 19 – Votes for Women: A History of the Suffrage Movement
Presented by Liz Tentarelli
This year marks the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th amendment granting women the right to vote. Who were the key players in New Hampshire and the nation? What issues and obstacles did they face? How did suffragists benefit from World War I in the final push for passage of the amendment? Who was left out when women got the right to vote? Using historic photos and documents, Liz Tentarelli will guide us on the journey.

September 16 – Digging Into Native History in New Hampshire
Presented by Robert Goodby
Abenaki history has been reduced to near invisibility as a result of conquest, a conquering culture that placed little value on the Indian experience, and a strategy of self-preservation that required many Abenaki to go “underground” to avoid discrimination and persecution.  Archaeological evidence, however, shows their deep presence here in the Lakes Region and Mount Washington Valley.

October 21 – Remarkable People of Freedom
Presented by Roberta MacCarthy and Anne Gaudette
A review of the 12 former residents chosen for the 2021 edition of the Freedom Historical Society’s Calendar.


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