Recordings of Past Programs

Last updated 8/10/21

“A History of Scarboro Road” (Wednesday, July 21, 2021)

Scarboro Road has always held a fascination for John Perkins — as a young boy, a teenager, a young adult, a husband, father, and now grandfather! His memories and recollections are numerous and varied: entering a home that had a funeral parlor; hearing people called “Cousin” but not knowing how they were related; a house that was moved from Scarboro Road to Old Portland Road; seeing a pond where the schoolhouse used to be; a brook running through the cellar to keep things cold; Saturday night summer cookouts at one residence with “The Road” invited and great fun making apple cider in October with “The Road”. Back when time moved more slowly, one could walk down to Margie’s, Bob Stuart’s Store, or Whittaker’s Store. In more recent years John has recognized the richness of the heritage of family and friends, plus appreciating the historical interrelationships between residences. For example: What is the original relationship between 231, 349 and 338 Scarboro Rd?

You won’t want to miss this presentation if you love the history of the Town of Freedom, or if one or more of the following surnames is a part of your family heritage or of friends that you knew: Alexander, Bennett, Birnie, Barrett, Black, Bradbury, Bucknell, Campbell, Carroll, Carter, Cleveland, Cuddy, Cunningham, Doe, Desharnais, Foss, Franke/McGarvey, French, Furbush, Gibbs 1, Gibbs 2, Glidden, Goff, Gordon, Halpern, Harmon 1, Harmon 2, Hatfield, Hodgdon, Kennedy/Morales, Kidder, Lamb/Steen, Lord, Lovering, Lozier, Marston, McDaniels, Meserve, Milliken, Mills, Nicholson, Perkins, Phelps, Philbrick, Rasquin, Sargent, Schluter, Sloboda/Dubroff, Smith, Stoops, Towle 1, Towle 2, Towle 3, Truelove, Vernon, Warren, Watts, Wogan/Zampell, Works, Vallacenti, and Youlden.

John Harmon Perkins is the 7th generation of the Harmon Family to live on Scarboro Road in Freedom, NH. He is the author of “The History of the Freedom Club of Boston and New Hampshire, 75th Anniversary” and “The History of the Freedom Club of Boston, New Hampshire and the Beach Club, 100th Anniversary.” As a genealogist, he also has amassed a database of over 2600 individuals, including many from Freedom.

John currently serves on the Board of Directors of The Freedom Historical Society and has compiled a forthcoming FHS publication which will inventory houses on Old Portland, Scarboro, Black, Phil and East Ridge Roads based on research under FHS auspices by Hillary Johnson.

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