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  1. Descendent of Moses Harmon, Rev War Veteran, who I think is buried somewhere in Freedom, NH. I’m trying to locate his burial place.
    I’m originally from Portland, ME…now Sebago, ME.

  2. ———————————– My ancestor John Clancy, his wife Elizabeth Mary (Ahearn) Clancy and their three young children, Nancy, Ellen and Michael Albert, moved to Freedom, NH, from Portland, Maine. They were apparently part of that “inlfux of new settlers from Maine” as it is worded in

    They were in Maine for the September 29, 1829, birth of Michael Albert Clancy, the June 1st and after 1830 Maine federal census, and the John Clancy listed as a laborer in the 1830-1831 Portland City Directory that was most likely him.

    So they came to Freedom perhaps as early as 1830 but more likely in 1831 to 1833. As daughter Nancy Clancy much later wrote: “the family moved to Freedom, N.H., taking up a piece of land for a homestead.”

    At another time she also wrote of: “how her father and mother as well as the children labored to clear the land and the hardship encountered when her father was obliged to exchange five days of labor for the use of a pair of oxen for one day on his track of land.”

    John Clancy’s wife likely died there in Freedom, NH, so John and the children retreated back to Maine. Nancy went to work in the Saco mill at the age of 13 to support all three children and send Michael Albert to school.

    John went to sea, presumably sailing from Portland, and was never heard of again. He was lost at sea according to information passed down to me.

    In 1838 Nancy Clancy returned to NH, Dover this time, and remained there until she died there in 1917 at the age of 95 plus. Ellen Clancy died there in about 1909. Michael Albert later went on to Boston, NYC, and Washington DC.

    Does any record of their stay in Freedom, NH, exist? Can anyone help me to uncover further details about their life there?

  3. I am a UK resident but directed here by Carolyn White, a NH resident author for whom I am editing and proof reading. She intends to mention this site in her new book to be published Dec. 2014.
    I would like to congratulate you on a clean, organised and informative web site.
    People like you keep history relevant and live – thank you.
    Terry Gilbert-Fellows

  4. great grand son of jenny maria (baker) Cleveland , step daughter of furbush.

    cousin of judy Cleveland a long time freedom resident.

    Bob Foose

  5. Hi, I am trying to find information on the “Freedom Club of Boston” which I heard had events in Boston/Somerville in the 1920’s. It was founded by people from Freedom. Does the Society have information about this organization?

  6. Hi Jim: We do have some minutes from the Freedom Club of Boston meetings. They did have meetings in Somerville, up to 120 people would attend. We don’t have a “report” summarizing their activities and dates, but maybe we could put a volunteer on that. They were very important to our Old Home Week festivities, which continue to this day. What would you like to know?
    John Shipman

  7. Is the booklet available? My Mom was born in Somervile, but migrated to Hollis Center, ME. I think we have Harmon/King ancestors from Freedom/Somerville.

  8. Gordon, there are 64 Harmons buried in Freedom, dating from 1828 to 1970. There are no Kings buried here. There is a Dr. Melvin Harmon forest preserve in Freedom. Which Harmons are you looking for? Have you been on and done genealogical research?

  9. Gordon, to answer your earlier inquiry, we have 2 buriel spots for a Moses Harmon in Freedom. One is not dated but marked by a head and Flintstone. Someone puts a flag there every year.and it is in a private cemetery.
    A second Moses Harmon grave is in Lakeview cemetery, dated April 16, 1789- March 21, 1855.
    We have 2 Benjamin Harmons in Lakeview cemetery, Benjamin F., 8/14/1847 – 1/31/1927, and Benjamin, 10/15/1785- 1/24/1867.

  10. John, thanks for the reply.
    Yes I have been doing some genealogical work on the side for several years. I have reliably traced my mom’s ancestry to William D Harmon. He is recorded in the 1850 census record from Freedom, NH on lines 59-63.

  11. I am a Harmon descendent from Freedom.
    We also had friends from Somerville named King. They were Marion and her daughter, Phyllis.
    If I remember correctly, Marion’s mother’s name was Mary.
    Do these names sound familiar?
    I also have the complete Harmon genealogy of Freedom.

  12. Gordon, William D. And his wife, Sally, had a very sad life relative to their children, who died at 7yrs, 4yrs, 3yrs, and 17 months, according to our cemetery records. I don’t know if they had other children.

  13. John Perkins,
    Interesting. I’ve been doing a little more work recently, and discovered that I can trace back through Alonzo Andrew Harmon, William D Harmon’s son. My grandmother was Mabel King from Somerville who married Walter E. Harmon.
    Mabel and Walter relocated to Hollis Cntr, ME during a longshoremans strike in Boston. Walter died of Diptheria while in ME. Mabel and her six kids remained in Hollis Ctr where she became a mid-wife.
    I have not pursued the King line, so I only know of Mabel King at this time. She left Somerville prior to 1920, so your booklet may not go back that far? But if it did, I would be interested.
    John Shipman,
    William D and Sally had 8 children that I know of (Ezekiel, Sarah, William, Charles, Joseph, Alonzo, Levi, and Mary Joan(Ann)). One was my great grandfather, Alonzo Andrews Harmon, who apparently did survive. He died 11 Nov 1909 at about 62.

  14. Gordon,
    This gets more interesting with every post!
    First, I have all these people in my Harmon genealogy database.
    Second, Alonzo had a brother, Joseph, as you noted.
    Both Alonzo and Joseph are buried with their families in the beautiful Mt Hope Cemetery in Boston (Mattapan), MA and I have visited their graves.
    And my 2x Great Grandmother, Hannah (Davis) Lovering is buried in Joseph’s plot.
    And my Grand Aunt is Joseph’s wife, Lucy (Lovering) Harmon.
    Would love the opportunity to share more face to face.
    We’ll have to get together some Saturday.
    P.S. I live about 6 miles plus from Peggy in N Billerica.
    Best Regards, John Perkins

  15. John,

    Three great-grandchildren of Alonzo Harmon will be at Peg\’s house on Saturday, 25 June. My older brother, Winslow, my sister, Peg, and I are going to Connecticut on Sunday for one of Peg\’s grandson\’s H.S. Graduation Party. We might be able to connect somewhere in the area? Larkspur?


  16. Gordon,
    That would be so much fun!!!
    I have to check with the keeper of our commitments to see if we are home that weekend.
    I will get back to you.

    BYW, I talked with Peg’s son in Jan 2016 and asked him to provide my contact information to you.
    Did you receive it and retain it?

    John Perkins

  17. Did not get the contact info. I did do a search near Peg and sent you a clue, but I guess you did not recognize it. If you do, then I have your phone number.

  18. Hi! I currently live in Missouri but grew up in Bridgton, ME. I have been working on some family tree research. 3rd great grandfather Washington Shirley McDaniel looks to have moved there about 1815 and died in 1863. My line of the family runs from him through Richard Foster (married to a Meserve) and his son Silas, who moved over to Porter, ME after 1901. Looking for any links to information such as cemetery or property locations with the gold mine being photos or portraits. Any leads are appreciated!

  19. Jim,
    Freedom Club of Boston met in Somerville, MA, on Highland Ave at approximately #135 in Fellowship Hall in the Unitarian Church (not Unitarian Universalist). Today, I believe the building is identified as St Catherine’s Rectory.
    They had formal (men wore suits and women wore party dresses), catered (by Nordberg Catering of Reading, MA), delicious, three-course dinners.
    After dinner entertainment was provided by members of the club providing variety shows with dramatic and musical content.
    My mother was secretary-treasurer for over 25 years and my father, aunt and grand-father were past presidents of the Freedom Club of Boston.
    If you have further information interest, please do not hesitate to contact me, as I was present at these meetings, dinners and entertainment, beginning in the 1950’s.

    Best Regards,
    John H Perkins
    Historian, Freedom Club of New Hampshire (formerly Freedom Club of Boston), 75th Anniversary

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